Mobile Dryer Vent Cleaning Service in Jacksonville Florida

Eddie Kyles - owner of A Lint Free VentCall Eddie Kyles, owner and operator of A Lint Free Vent at 904.537.1483 if you have questions about our mobile dryer vent cleaning service.

You can also make an appointment with Eddie to have your residential or commercial laundry dryer vent cleaned.

On the day of your appointment, we bring our vent duct cleaning equipment in our van. A typical dryer vent cleaning job can usually be accomplished in about an hour.

Our mobile dryer vent cleaning service includes:

  • rotating brush tool removing lint from dryer venta thorough cleaning of the dryer vent flow path with a rotary brush; we clean from the dryer, through the ductwork, and up on the roof or out to the outdoor exhaust cap
  • inspecting the flexible ducting between the dryer and the wall mount for wear and damage
  • an inspection of the flexible ducting clamps to the dryer and the wall mount for fit and function
  • inspecting the outside dryer vent exhaust cap to make sure it operates freely and fully closes (to keep birds, bats, snakes, mice, rats, or other pests out of your home)

If we find any problems during our dryer vent inspection, we inform our client. We carry a selection of typical repair parts (such as flexible ducting and clamps) on our truck, so we can fix many common problems while we are at the client’s home or business.

90 degree metal dryer vent duct elbowIf we find that you are having problems with your solid metal dryer ductwork, no problem!

A Lint Free Vent can re-route or repair solid metal dryer vent ductwork. After we inspect your ductwork, we can give you a free estimate for the re-routing, repairs or replacement work that we recommend.

Here’s an informative video about dryer vent cleaning, shared by Angie’s List.

Just call Eddie Kyles, owner and operator of A Lint Free Vent at 904.537.1483 or Contact Us if you have questions about our dryer vent cleaning service or to make an appointment to have your laundry dryer vent cleaned.

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