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Save Money – Get Your Dryer Vent Professionally Cleaned

A Lint Free Vent Dryer Vent Cleaning Service - logoYou will save money all year long when you get your dryer vent professionally cleaned on a regular schedule by A Lint Free Vent of Jacksonville, Florida!

A little information about our Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

1. A professionally cleaned, free flowing dryer vent allows your laundry to dry more quickly. This saves time in your day and saves you money on your utility bill. It takes less energy to dry your laundry when your dryer vent duct is clean.

2. A cleaned dryer vent will save you money on repairs and on more frequent replacement cost for your dryer. The lint that collects in your dryer vent makes your dryer work harder to remove the moisture from your laundry. A dryer that is working harder to dry each load of laundry will result in more maintenance and repair costs. And a dryer that has to work harder during each drying cycle will need to be replaced sooner than it should.

Fire Department fighting a house fire at night3. Regular, professional dryer vent cleaning  removes the build up of lint in the dryer exhaust vent that causes house fires. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends homeowners have their dryer vents cleaned annually. Even with insurance, some things in your home or office cannot be replaced. And there is also the disruption of your life while you recover from the devastation of a fire; weeks of repair and recovery can be saved by having A Lint Free Vent perform a professional annual dryer vent cleaning.

And if your dryer vent duct work needs repair, A Lint Free Vent can do that, too! A Lint Free Vent is experienced in dryer vent duct repair, replacement, and re-routing.

Eddie Kyles is the owner/operator of A Lint Free Vent

Eddie Kyles - owner of A Lint Free VentLet Eddie and A Lint Free Vent help you start saving money! Call 904.537.1483 to schedule an appointment for a dryer vent duct cleaning. You can also Contact us for an appointment or to answer questions you may have about our dryer vent cleaning services.

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Lint collected in a flexible dryer vent ductMoist lint from your drying laundry collects in the exhaust path of clothes dryers; in vent duct work each time the dryer is used.

Studies have shown that this lint increases the time it takes to dry items. Lint collecting in the dryer vent also decreases the efficiency of the dryer.

And even worse, this collected lint is flammable, and has caused many house fires, even deaths.

The National Fire Prevention Association recommends annual dryer vent cleaning to protect your home and family.

An easy way to avoid this hazard is by getting an annual dryer vent cleaning by A Lint Free Vent.

Have you had your dryer vent cleaned this year? A Lint Free Vent cleans both residential and commercial dryer vents.

Call A Lint Free Vent Owner, Eddie Kyles at 904.537.1483 or use our handy Contact Form for questions, or to make an appointment to get your dryer vent cleaned.