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Hot Dryer – Restricted Dryer Vent – Baymeadows in Jacksonville FL

The owner of a 3rd floor condo in the Baymeadows neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida recently called A Lint Free Vent 904.537.1483 to clean the dryer vent in her home. Pulling the dryer away from the wall to access and begin cleaning the dryer vent, we could see scorch marks on the back of the dryer!

These scorch marks were caused by the dryer heaters overheating during drying cycles! The dryer vent was so restricted by lint that had built up in the vent duct, that the dryer heating elements were overheating, causing those scorch marks on the outside of the dryer!

The client was surprised to see the scorch marks on the back of the dryer. She said she was thankful to get the dryer vent professionally cleaned, avoiding a dryer fire in her condo!

Dryer vents should have the lint professionally cleaned out on a regular, periodic basis. The frequency depends on how often you dry laundry and what type of materials that you dry. We suggest getting your dryer vent cleaned at least once each year is a good standard to start with. Your dryer vent cleaning professional will be able to tell you if you need more frequent or less frequent dryer vent cleanings after they have finished cleaning your vent.

Lint collected in a flexible dryer vent ductA restricted dryer vent is usually caused by lint; little, short, fine fibers of fabric that separate from laundry during a dryer’s drying cycle. This lint from drying laundry is moist, causing it to collect in the exhaust path of dryer exhaust vent ducting each time the dryer is used. As lint collects, it increases the time it takes to dry items, and decreases the efficiency of the dryer.

As lint collects inside the vent duct, it dries and becomes flammable and restricted dryer vents cause dryers to overheat. Collected lint accumulations in dryer vent ducts can cause house fires, and even deaths.

When was the last time you got your dryer vent cleaned? Avoid a dryer fire and keep your dryer vent from becoming clogged with lint by calling Eddie Kyles at A Lint Free Vent 904.537.1483 for an appointment for an annual dryer vent cleaning, or Contact Us.

Get Dryer Vents Cleaned When Needed

Most dryer vents need to be professionally cleaned at least once each year.

But if you live in a home or work at a business that does a lot of laundry, you may need to get your dryer vent cleaned more often.  It’s important to get dryer vents cleaned when needed.

Lint coming out of a dryer vent onto roofThe dryer vent duct work on this home was thoroughly cleaned in the spring, from the dryer to the end of the vent cap. Six months later, you can see little bits of dryer lint, scattered on the roof of the home. Time for another professional dryer vent cleaning!

Eddie Kyles cleaning a dryer vent cap on a roof topA quick call to Eddie Kyles, owner of A Lint Free Vent 904.537.1483, and the homeowner had an appointment for a thorough, professional dryer vent cleaning at a reasonable price.

rotating brush, cleaning lint from inside a dryer ventEddie thoroughly cleans residential and commercial dryer vents with a rotary brush.

Using a rotating brush tool removes the lint which can cling to the interior of the dryer vent ductwork. Using a rotary brush is the preferred cleaning method to get best results in the dryer vent cleaning industry.

A Lint Free Vent cleans dryer vents for residential and commercial customers. Some dryer vent ducts are flexible ductwork, some dryer vents are solid metal ductwork. If dryer vents have been damaged, or the client wants the vent duct re-routed (such as from exhausting into the garage to exhaust outside the home), Eddie can provide a free estimate, and can replace and re-route dryer exhaust vents, too!

A clean dryer vent helps a dryer get laundry thoroughly dry in less time. That means no more repeating drying cycles several times to get laundry dry. Getting laundry dry in less time saves energy and gives more time for other activities.

  • As a service to regular clients, A Lint Free Vent retains their contact information, and notifies each client when their next dryer vent cleaning is due. Many of our clients have thanked us for providing this free and helpful safety consideration.

Call Eddie Kyles, owner and operator of A Lint Free Vent at 904.537.1483 or Contact Us if you have questions about our dryer vent cleaning and repair, and re-routing services or to set up your annual dryer vent cleaning appointment, today.

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning in Jacksonville Florida

Eddie Kyles - owner of A Lint Free VentCall A Lint Free Vent 904.537.1483 to get your clothes dryer vent thoroughly cleaned. We provide our professional dryer vent cleaning services in homes, condos, apartments and businesses in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

Have you seen the little signs along the side of the road and at stoplights, “Dryer vent cleaning – $45”?

Remember the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”? That saying is still often true today.

Husqvarna battery powered Leaf BlowerThere are people who will charge you $45 to clean your dryer vent. Some of those people will just remove the flexible exhaust hose from the back of your clothes dryer, and then use their portable vacuum exhaust, or a leaf blower to blow air through the dryer exhaust vent ducting!

Will this process clean the lint out of the ductwork from your clothes dryer? Maybe some lint will get blown out, but most of the lint will remain stuck to the inside walls of the exhaust vent ducting.

Lint collected in a flexible dryer vent ductThere is still a significant danger of a house fire, caused by the lint that remains stuck to the walls of your dryer vent.

And it still will take longer for your laundry to dry, because the flow of air through the vent is still restricted.

Annual dryer vent cleanings are important to keep our clients and their homes, condos, apartments and businesses safe.

  • As a courtesy to our clients, we maintain records of the date we clean each dryer vent.
  • As a service to our clients and for no additional fee, we call our clients when it has been nearly a year since their dryer vent was cleaned. During our call, we ask our client if they would like to set up an appointment for A Lint Free Vent to clean and inspect their dryer vent duct and keep their home, condo, apartment or business safe.

Call Eddie Kyles, owner and operator of A Lint Free Vent at 904.537.1483 or Contact Us if you have questions about our dryer vent cleaning service or to set up your annual dryer vent cleaning appointment, today.