Community Involvement

Eddie Kyles, owner and operator of A Lint Free Vent likes to help others, when and how he can.

Sometimes we realize a situation presents us with an opportunity to help other people, and we just need to take the initiative to make it happen. That opportunity may become community involvement.

campfire started with lintFor one example, because we remove lint from residential and commercial dryer vents, we accumulate a lot of lint.
– Some companies would just collect the lint from the client’s property and properly dispose of it.
– Because lint is combustible and an excellent tinder, we donate a portion of the lint we collect to Scout units in our neighborhood, for use in building campfires. That way the lint serves a good purpose and we are helping our youth groups.

– – – IF your son or daughter is in a Scout group who would like some lint for a campfire at a planned outing, please let us know when you make your appointment for getting your dryer vent cleaned, and Eddie will bring an extra bag of dryer lint to your appointment. – – –

We also donate the scrap metal ductwork, clamps, and other metal components to a local fellow who recycles the metal. Recycling the metal seems more reasonable than just putting the metal in the garbage, to go into a landfill.
– If your community has a recycling service, that is helpful, too.

And, when we have had a good experience with a local business with a product or service that we become aware our client may be interested in, we recommend other businesses when we can.

Helping others is personally rewarding and good for our community. We will continue to look for ways to help others.