Eddie Kyles - owner of A Lint Free VentA Lint Free Vent is a mobile clothes dryer vent cleaning and repair service.

We clean and repair dryer vents in homes, condos and businesses within a 50 mile radius of downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

lint clogged flexible dryer vent ductCleaning lint out of dryer vents is important.

  • Lint collects in the exhaust path of clothes dryers and in vent ducting each time the dryer is used.
  • The collecting lint increases the time it takes to dry items, and decreases the efficiency of the dryer.
  • Also, this collected lint is flammable, and has caused many house fires, even deaths.
  • An easy way to avoid this lint hazard is by getting an annual dryer vent cleaning by A Lint Free Vent.

We clean each dryer vent thoroughly from the dryer end to the duct termination cap, using a rotating brush to remove lint that clings to the internal walls of the dryer vent duct.

Husqvarna battery powered Leaf BlowerSome companies just blow air through the dryer vent duct to remove some of the lint.



rotating brush, cleaning lint from inside a dryer ventNot us! We use the recognized best method in the dryer vent cleaning industry – the rotating brush.




If your dryer vent duct needs to be repaired or replaced, we can do that, too!

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In the Jacksonville, Florida area, our clients get thorough and professional annual clothes dryer vent cleaning service and peace of mind. Join them – Call Eddie Kyles, owner of A Lint Free Vent – 904.537.1483 with questions or to make your appointment to get your dryer vent cleaned.