Dryer Vent Cleaning Surprise!

You just never know what you will find when you take the dryer vent duct connection loose from the wall duct connector.

We have found nuts that squirrels had stored in several vent ducts, and mud in one vent duct that went under the slab the home was built on.

birds nest in a dryer vent ductLooking in this client’s dryer vent duct wall connector, you can see a bird’s nest!

  • There was no flapper in the vent cap, on the outer wall of the home.

After checking the nest for bird eggs or baby birds, we carefully removed the nest. Further in the vent duct, we found a second nest. We again checked the nest and then removed it.

Then we cleaned lint from the vent ductwork with our rotating brush tool.

rotating brush, cleaning lint from inside a dryer vent

Our client was amazed when we showed them the first bird’s nest. And really shocked to hear there had been two bird’s nests restricting their dryer vent duct, as well as the lint we removed.

When we finished cleaning this dryer vent, we installed a vent cap with a flapper in it, that automatically closes when the dryer is not running. That will keep squirrels and birds out of this client’s vent duct now!

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