Dryer Vents Need Annual Cleaning

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends dryer vent cleaning each year, or whenever you notice that it takes longer than usual to get a load of laundry dried.

Lint collected in a flexible dryer vent ductBut because you can’t easily look inside your dryer vent ductwork to see how much lint has collected inside the vent, it’s easy to forget.

Some people notice signs that their dryer vent needs cleaning, like:

  • It takes longer to dry a load of laundry
  • Your dryer overheats and shuts off, and you have to wait for it to cool before you can finish drying a load of laundry
  • You see little clumps of lint sticking out of your dryer vent end cap, on your roof, beside your home, or in your garage

And the more you use your dryer (such as if you have a large family, or if you have a bank of dryers in your commercial laundromat), you should plan to get your dryer vent cleaned more than just once per year.

A homeowner in the Julington Creek neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida called A Lint Free Vent recently to get their dryer vent cleaned. It had been 2 years since another company had cleaned their dryer vent!

The dryer exhaust flow in their dryer vent was restricted by the lint that had collected inside the ductwork since the last cleaning. These photos show some of the lint that we removed from their dryer vent ductwork. The rest of the lint that we removed went out the dryer vent end cap.

Our client was shocked to see how much lint had collected in their dryer vent! And they want A Lint Free Vent to clean their dryer vent on a regular basis.

As a service to our regular clients, we retain their contact information, and notify each client when their next dryer vent cleaning is due. Many of our clients have thanked us for providing this free and helpful safety consideration.

Call Eddie Kyles, owner and operator of A Lint Free Vent at 904.537.1483 or Contact Us if you have questions about our dryer vent cleaning service or to set up your annual dryer vent cleaning appointment, today.

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