Spring Dryer Vent Cleaning – 2024

Spring flowers - ImpatiensSprouting plants and blossoming flowers! Springtime is invigorating! Many people like to clean their residences and businesses, inside and out each spring.

And it’s a good time to remember to get your dryer vent cleaned, too! The moist lint that comes lose while drying laundry can clog up inside your dryer vent. Regular dryer vent cleaning helps prevent a clogged dryer vent. A restricted dryer vent means longer time to dry a load of laundry, and your dryer works harder, too!

If you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area, just call Eddie Kyles at A Lint Free Vent 904.537.1483. Make an appointment to get your residential or commercial dryer vent thoroughly cleaned. Eddie uses a rotating brush to remove the lint; the preferred method recommended.

Not long ago, Eddie was cleaning a dryer vent and found it clogged with dirt! The vent duct went outside to a “shepherd’s hook” which will usually keep dirt and other foreign material out of the ductwork, but not this time! That dryer is working much more efficiently now!

While “Spring Cleaning” another home, Eddie checked the dryer inside filter (prior to starting to clean the dryer vent duct) and found the filter was packed solid with lint! The client said they did not know that there was a filter in the dryer, that needed to be cleaned after each use. They had never cleaned the dryer inside filter since they purchased the dryer! Cleaning the lint from that inside filter made a big difference in how quickly the dryer finished a load of laundry!

One client said the dryer vent in their home had not been cleaned out “for a while”. As Eddie started to clean out that dryer vent, more and more lint came out. So much lint came out of that dryer vent, there must have only been a very little flow of dryer exhaust air going through it. A clogged dryer vent can be a fire hazard. The client stated it usually had taken several dryer cycles to get a load of laundry to dry. That was one very, very clogged dryer vent! And that dryer will be performing much better now that the vent is cleaned out.

If your dryer is taking longer and longer to dry a load of laundry, or if you need to run the dryer through several drying cycles to get your laundry dry, just call Eddie Kyles at A Lint Free Vent 904.537.1483 to make an appointment to get your spring dryer vent cleaning.

And if Eddie finds your dryer vent needs a repair, or would perform better if it were re-routed, don’t worry, Eddie can do those jobs for you, too!