Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Better

The neighbor of one of our clients asked A Lint Free Vent to clean their dryer vent, too.

roof dryer vent cap with stuck flapperThe neighbor had not had their dryer vent cleaned in several years, but they thought the dryer vent didn’t need cleaning because they were not seeing lint blown out the dryer vent cap and onto their roof.

We went up on the roof to make sure the dryer vent cap was not somehow restricted. We found this model dryer vent cap has a flapper inside. The flapper was supposed to open while the dryer was running, and then close when the dryer stopped. Apparently, the flapper had been jammed in the cap since it had been installed (several years ago), and no lint could come out. That was why the clients never saw lint blowing out onto their roof.

lint from dryer vent duct with stuck roof vent cap flapperWe unstuck the dryer vent cap flapper, and then cleaned several years worth of lint from the dryer vent ductwork.

Our client’s dryer thoroughly dries a load of laundry much more quickly now! And our client is very happy they avoided a potential fire in their dryer vent duct from all of the lint which had collected in it.

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