Laundry Dryer Money Saving Tips

Who doesn’t like saving money when they can?

Clay Electric Co-op logoA recent newsletter from our local Clay County Electric Co-Op of Florida shared these money saving tips on dryer utility bills:

  • Cleaning a clogged dryer vent will help each load of laundry dry more quickly. That saves time doing laundry, and makes a clothes dryer run more efficiently.
  • Drying one load of laundry immediately after another will reduce heat loss and reduce dryer warm up time, and that will reduce the time it takes to dry each load of laundry.

It only follows that when your dryer does not have to run as long, you save money on your utility bill for the power used by the dryer. And it follows that the dryer will last longer, too. Win/Win!

Eddie Kyles is the owner/operator of A Lint Free Vent

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